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Shenandoah Community School District



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Shenandoah Group Speech Results


The Shenandoah Speech Team took 11 groups to district large group competition on Saturday, January 19th at Clarinda.   Of those groups, 8 will advance to state contest on February 2nd to be held at West Des Moines Valley. Coaches Amy Toye, Zach Dotzler and Jean Debban posted these results:

Groups Earning Division 1 ratings:

Group Improvisation:  Nick Phillips, Tyler Freed

Group Mine:  "The Friend Zone":  Zayddi Laddish,  Reed Finnegan, Hannah Underwood

Ensemble Acting:  "Arabian Nights"  Ami Apperson, Ciara Schierkolk, Ty Lantz

Radio Broadcasting:  "The Holiday Radio Network"   Lauren Haynie, Donni Kinghorn, Alexis McGinnis, Anna Peterson, Alexus Willis

Choral Reading (9th)  "At The Hour of Our Death":   Jessica Sun, Eli Schuster, Josh Schuster, Hadlee Kinghorn, Mya Hammons,  Jaiden Egbert, Keelee Razee, Ava Godfread, Jocelyn Kirk, Cassidy Morris, Katie Morris, Baylee Richardson

Group Mime (9th)  "Chalk":   Eli Schuster, Josh Schuster, Jessica Sun, Mya Hammons, Hadlee Kinghorn

Musical Theatre (9th)  "Spell Block Tango":  Cassidy Morris, Ava Godfread, Baylee Richardson

Group Improvisation (9th):  Keelee Razee, Jocelyn Kirk

Groups Earning a Division II Rating:

Choral Reading "Meanwhile...":   Gage Reed, Tyler Freed, Dakota Murren, Donni Kinghorn, Tuva Omberg, Alexus Willis, Brenna Godfread, Brooke Bauer, Erin Baldwin, Hannah Mulligan, Libby Ehlers, Alexis McGinnis

Readers Theatre  "Hannah's Journal:  The Story of an Immigrant Girl": Dakota Murren, Reed Finnegan, Landen Newquist, Hannah Underwood, Zayddi Ladish, Rakae Jackson, Ty Lantz

Group Improvisation:  Sam Martin, Quentin Slater, Libby Ehlers, Landen Newquist