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Shenandoah Community School District

School Registration


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Welcome to the Shenandoah Public Schools 

Shenandoah Community School District in Iowa is a dynamic K-12 educational institution that also includes Pre-K and preschool programs. Committed to academic excellence and holistic development, our dedicated educators foster a love for learning in a safe and inclusive environment. Embracing innovation and community engagement, we empower students to explore their unique talents while cultivating a strong sense of responsibility and respect for others. Together, we are building brighter futures for our students and the entire community.

To register 

You can fill out the Contact us for more information Form and the Registrar will Contact you to help get you an account setup


You may contact the registrar, Mrs. LaRock-Hogue, to get an account set up.  She can be reached at 712-246-6398 or Registrar@shencsd.com

Steps for registering your child:

  1. Go to the school website www.shencsd.com

  2. Click on Parents & Students

  3. Click on PowerSchool - Parent Portal on the left hand side

  4. Log into PowerSchool with your credentials

  5. Click on Forms in the left hand column

  6. Click on the Enrollment tab

  7. Click on the first form, “[Enrollment] A - Student Demographics

  8. Click blue submit at the bottom of the page after complete

  9. Click the green OK to continue to the next section/form

  10. Complete each form, making sure 

  11. To click submit for each completed form. If you need assistance, please contact the registrar, Mrs. LaRock-Hogue, at 712-246-6389.

When you reach Form C Contacts make sure all contact information is correct. Items are listed below are the one to make sure are correct for each Contact.


To Remove a Contact Select the X contact. 

To edit the contact Select the Pencil Icon

  • Name

  • Relationship 

  • Lives with Student

  • Custody

  • School Pickup - Without this they will not be able to  pick the student up from school

  • Emergency Contact - This must be selected if you want them contacted in case of an emergency.

  • Data Access - This means they can access Powerschool for the student.   


Please contact your child’s school If You need Assistance 

Preschool:  712.246.1581

JK-8:  712.246.2520

High School:  712.246.4727

If you are interested in attending Shenandoah CSD and are a nonresident student you will need to complete the open enrollment form. Once the form is completed you will need to submit it to the central office for approval. This can be submitted to Cori Feller by email or sent to the  Logan Administration Building located at 304 W. Nishna Road, Shenandoah, IA 51601. Resident students who want to attend a different school district must complete the same process.  If you have questions about the form or the process please contact Cori Feller or call 712-246-1581.

2023-2024 Open Enrollment

We encourage you to ask questions and arrange to visit our schools. If you have questions or would like to discuss program services please contact the following people.

Mr. Andrew Christensen, High School Principal
Mrs. Denise Green, IGNITE Online and Personalized Learning Coordinator
Mr. Aaron Burdorf, Elementary and Middle School Principal
Mrs. Tiffany Spiegel, Special Education Director and Early Childhood Services
Mr. Jon Weinrich, Student Activities Director and Athletic Eligibility
Dr. Kerri Nelson, Superintendent, District Services, Schools and Programs