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JK-8 Weekly Update

JK-8 Families--  If you were looking for a snow day this week, I am really sorry that didn't happen for you.  That being said, because we were in school we got to see some amazing growth from our students as we wrapped up some of our winter testing.

Each day our staff and students are putting forth tremendous efforts to be awesome and we should be proud of them all!  In a time where it seems public schools get thrown under the bus for all sorts of reasons, I am here to say that what we have in Shenandoah is a great thing and we strive each day to make it even better!

Before I share some data, I want to share some comments from recent visitors to our building.  Over the last few weeks, we have had numerous interviews for various positions and when we give tours of our building, I love to hear feedback from our guests as they walk through.  In a couple of those conversations, I have heard some of the following:

"Your students are very polite, when I was coming into the building a group of boys (8th graders returning from a class at the high school) waited for me and held the door open."

"These kids are doing a great job of being quiet in the hallway, look at that line waiting patiently and quietly, that is not what my current school looks like."

"Are your students always this friendly?  They all wave and say 'hello', their smiles are amazing!"

I think these types of comments say a lot about how things are going in our building.  Great people working with great kids!  We should be proud of all of them!

I want to share some data with you that shows some other great things that are going on:

Elementary (we aren't quite done testing all students but with just a few students to go):

The following is the growth in the number of students proficient from Fall to Winter on FAST testing:

Kindergarten: 40 to 52%

1st Grade: 45 to 62%

2nd Grade: 49 to 53%

3rd Grade: 50 to 58%

4th Grade: 50 to 59%

On that same FAST testing, 93% of our elementary students made growth from Fall to Winter!

2nd through 4th graders have been getting progress monitored on their fluency and have individual growth goals.  The following are the percent of students who have already met their growth goal for this year and are working on an even larger target:

2nd Grade: 76%

3rd Grade: 67%

4th Grade: 78%

FAST Data for 5th and 6th Grade

The 5th graders had 98% of their students make growth from Fall to Winter and on average their scores went up by over 24 points.

The 6th graders had 97% of their students make growth from Fall to Winter and on average their scores went up by over 20 points.  Last year the 6th graders finished with 30 students who fell below benchmark on FAST and as of the Winter testing period now have just 18 students below benchmark!

Both the 5th Grade (68%) and 6th Grade (70%) had the percentage of students meeting benchmark above the state average of 67%!

Middle School iReady

We also saw some good growth from Fall to Winter in our iReady testing for both Math and Reading.  Data is broken down to those who are Above Grade Level, On Grade Level, One Year Below Grade Level, Two Years Below, Three or More Years Below.

The following is the percent increase of students in each grade who are 1 Year Below, On Grade Level, or Above Grade Level.

5th grade Reading: Grew from 51 to 62%

5th grade Math: Grew from 62 to 66%

6th grade Reading: Grew from 51 to 58%

6th grade Math: Grew from 70 to 73%

7th grade Reading: Grew from 52 to 56%

7th grade Math: Grew from 48 to 70%

8th grade Reading: Grew from 63 to 64%

8th grade Math: Grew from 60 to 67%

Between the four grades, 134 students have already met their yearly growth goal for this year in Reading and 98 students have met their yearly growth goal in Math.

These jumps don't magically happen, it takes hard work from students and staff who are committed to the process.  I am happy to say that we have that going on here in Shenandoah!

Upcoming Events:

Monday: MS Wrestling @ Fremont-Mills

Tuesday: MS Girls BB @ Atlantic

Wednesday: Early out at 1:25

Thursday: MS Wrestling (H) in HS Gym, MS Girls BB (H) vs Clarinda

Friday: No Events Scheduled

Thursday, Feb 2 Family Board Game Night in K8 Commons (5-6:30PM)

Friday, Feb 10 6th-8th Grade "Valentine's" Dance (7-9PM)

Again, don't forget to check out our school website (www.shencsd.com) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/shenpk8) to keep up with what we are doing here at school.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.  Thanks and have a great week!  --Mr. Burdorf #horsepower