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School Permit

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Farm-Related Work Now A Permissible Use For A Minor School License

Students who have a minor school license (also known as a school permit) are now able to drive up to 50 miles as long as they are engaged in farm-related work if the minor either lives on a farm or is employed on a farm.  Students may drive unaccompanied between the hours of 5am and 10pm and they must drive the most direct and accessible route, similar to the school-related requirements.  A student cannot be issued a minor school license for the sole purpose of farm-related work if they are ineligible to obtain a minor school license for school-related purposes.  The DOT does not issue a different permit and the school does not need to be aware of the farm-related work.  Students are not permitted to operate a commercial motor vehicle, a vehicle requiring a Class D chauffeur's license, a vehicle with more than two axels, a vehicle towing a vehicle, or a motorcycle (unless the minor has a motorcycle endorsement).  Law enforcement will be responsible for determining if a student is driving appropriately.  A school administrator, law enforcement officer, or parent are still able to report to the DOT in writing if the student is violating the terms of the permit.  The DOT can suspend the permit for a violation.  Students can drive between two parent's houses if they are traveling from one house to the other for the purpose of farm-related work and as long as the distance is not greater than 50 miles from one house to the other.  

  • The school is still responsible for signing-off on the school permit paperwork.
  • The student must be engaged in farm-related work and must not drive more than 50 miles from origin to destination.
  • The student must be accompanied before 5am and after 10pm, regardless of departure or arrival time.
  • The student must use the most direct and accessible route without stopping for non-farm related purposes.
  • Punishment for not adhering to the terms of the permit could result in loss of the permit by the DOT.