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Shenandoah Community School District



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We Instead of Me

A new year is off and running.  However, instead of leaving classmates in the dust students are pushing their classmates to run right with them through the finish line.  Students in Mrs. Shaffer’s class don’t sit in traditional desks, they sit at tables. Each table is a “team”, each team works together daily using KAGAN structures to enhance learning cooperatively.  The Old Ways of “keep your eyes on your own paper” and “talking is cheating” are gone.  Students are helping teammates to solve problems and verbalizing to learn.  We aren’t sitting quietly, we are getting up and taking a look at what other students have done.  With our KAGAN training you can walk around the schools and see kids getting to interact with several peers in a lesson; lots of high-fives, quizzing each other, coaching each other, roundtable discussions, and praising each other.  “If I have my class sit and raise their hands to share, only one student at a time is sharing. If students are working in their teams 25% of my class is sharing at one time with 100% of my class getting a turn. With partners 50% of my class is sharing at one time, again with 100% of my class getting a turn.  More of my class is participating and engaged. Engaged students will be more successful.” - Kelly Shaffer